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Escort marketing and escort promotion services

As an independent escort or proprietor of an escort agency you will know that the marketing of your site should be the single most important attribute of it. After all, what is the point of having an all singing, all dancing web site if you get little or no visitors to it. In fact, the look of your web site is only of little importance in an industry where clients want to find what they are looking for fast and easy, and once they have, want to see good quality photos and relevant information.

So, if you already have good quality photos, a web site (or visit our escort web design section if you also need a web site) and are ready to do business then we would be delighted to hear from you!

Our range of services are given below:

Escort Directory Submissions
the problem ...
Escort directories are springing up all over the place, some good, some bad and some damn right ugly! These directories are obviously in the game to make money. Those with a long term plan may offer free listings whilst they build up their brand and get enough traffic coming to the site to justify charging for listings and banner spaces. Others, are here today gone tomorrow and are not worth the time it takes to submit to them. Of course, it's hard to say which is which unless you know, and you can only know by experience and by monitoring the traffic they bring in. There are other directories that have been around for some time, have built a good reputation and you are guaranteed a good flow of industry traffic from them.

the solution ...
We target the high traffic yield, proven directories that will perform best for you. With over 5 years of experience in the industry, we can tailor make a directory submission package for you, to target your specific area, client base and fit in with your marketing budget. We administer the whole process, from filling in the submission forms, submitting your photos, placing their banner on your site if need be and finally checking to make sure your listing is up and running before providing you with a full online report with links directly to each of your listings.

Top100 Site Submissions
the problem ...
There seem to be even more Top100 escort sites than directories. You have probably inadvertently clicked on a few or had some open up in a pop up window on entering or exiting a site. These sites rank you depending on the traffic you bring in, therefore to get maximum exposure from them you must in turn try to give them maximum exposure on your site which is fair enough. However, there are only a handful of Top100 escort sites worth listing on. The ones that bring good, industry traffic and at a constant rate. If it is only bringing you 5 visitors a month and you have placed their banner in a prominent space on your site you are losing out!

the solution ...
The marketing package we will tailor build for you may very well contain a number of Top100 sites, the ones we have identified as good sources of escort traffic. We will administer the whole submission process and also advise on the best positions to place banners to achieve maximum coverage.

Paid directory listings
the problem ...
Like any business, you will also have a marketing budget and strategy. If you are serious about building up your business then you will need to pay to advertise and list on escort directories. The question is which ones?

the solution ...
Depending on your budget and requirements, we can advise, administer and process paid listing packages on your behalf on one of the many directories out there worth paying to be listed on. Our experience and knowledge of the industry allows us to put together a paid listing package best suited to you, targeting the directories proven to be worth the investment you will make.

Banner Exchange Programs
the problem ...
Yes exchanging banners can be a good thing. It certainly will help to build your site's Google ranking if the sites you exchange with have and equal or better Google ranking then yourself. Now this is not always easy to achieve, as it involves a fair bit of administration to fulfill a single banner exchange. From identifying the sites to exchange with, to requesting an exchange with them through email to placing their banner on your site and checking that yours is up on theirs! Phew!

the solution ...
We will identify prospective sites to exchange banners with and administrate the whole exchange process, building up your links page in little time and ensuring good links coming in from external sites. Allow us to tailor make a banner exchange program for you and take the first steps to building up your Google ranking and incoming traffic. An online real time report will allow you to track sites that we exchange banners with as they happen.

Search Engine Optimisation
the problem ...
Well the problem here is clear! Everyone wants to appear on the first page of prominent search engines for the keywords relating to them such as escort, independent escort etc. If you do a search on Google today for the keyword escort you will find over 42 million results! That's a lot of sites competing for the same keyword.

the solution ...
With our knowledge of the search engines and how they rank and list sites, we can optimise your site for keywords pertaining to you. However, that is just the first step to climbing up the list of 42 million results and there are other things to be considered, one being the maturity of your site. This means, if you are serious about high ranking on search engines for your chosen keywords you must be aware that this needs to be a long term goal and that it takes time, good link building, correct site optimisation and frequent reviews and tweaks to achieve it. Contact us for a free analysis of your site to see the current level of optimisation and the realistic goals we can achieve for you and how.

What now?
Now you know a little more about the services we offer we would be delighted to hear from you so we can build a package that's right for you, depending on your requirements and budget. Below are details of one of our most popular packages, ideal for new independents sites or escort agency sites, however, we would be happy to discuss your needs and build the ideal package for you.


With your site's information in hand (photos, contact details and text relating to your site) we will manually submit your site to 25 of the top free escort directories and escort Top100 sites. We will keep submitting until we have a minimum of 25 successful listings. These listings will ensure a steady flow of visitors to your site who are actively looking for escort services.

  • Submission to free directories
  • Submission to Top100 sites
  • 1 new banner designed for your site (if needed)
  • Real time online report
  • A 6 month Premium listing on www.escortsmania.com
  • A 6 month Premium listing on www.escort.co.uk
  • A 6 month Premium listing on www.every-escort.com
  • A 6 month Premium listing on www.london-independents.com (London sites only)
  • Express listing on Open Adult Directory www.openadultdirectory.com
  • Priority listing on www.escorts.co.uk

We GUARANTEE a MINIMUM of 25 successful listings.

Please enquire for package prices

Please email us with your requirements or contact us if you have any other questions.




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